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T1 Radio Accessories


T1 radio Earpieces, Headsets, and/or Accessories. (T1 connector)

We offer many quality communication accessories compatible with the T1 radio, which uses the T1 connector. All of the accessories listed below have an T1 connector and are 100% compatible with your T1 radio. View a list of T1 radio models here.

We also offer parts, spares, and replacements.

Bodyguard earpiece for  T1

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Bodyguard earpiece for T1 – 2 wire Earpiece with microphone

Enhance your ease of communication with this headset equipped with a speaker / mic jack. The headset offers hands-free operation and operates with a push-to-talk button.

  • Adjustable rubber ear loop
  • Integrated Push-To-Talk microphone
  • T1 connector for T1 radio

Retail Price: $34.95

Our Price: $29 (You save $5.95)


T1 Radio Connectors Guide

Tekk T1 radio connector

Tekk NT10, Tekk NT20, Tekk NT40, Tekk NT80, Tekk NT90, Tekk GT80, Tekk GT90, Tekk XT900 and Tekk XT800